The first stop on our trip was Oxford, England. My friend Janey recently moved there for work and she has the most darling flat. (I sound british, right?). We awoke the first morning, groggy and jet-lagged to Janey’s presentation of tea and crumpets (with Nutella).

While Janey had already grown tired of the rain, Greg and I were thrilled (coming from the heatwave in LA) to open the window and see the rain. It certainly didn’t stop us from exploring the town.

This is the little path Janey takes to work.

This was a nice preview of what we would see in Venice, Italy in a few days. The Hertford Bridge, popularly known as the Bridge of Sighs, is a skyway joining two parts of Hertford College over New College Lane.

Janey was able to get us into a few of the colleges, which were really… extraordinary. Growing up in Los Angeles, it is hard to grasp history of all of these places.

For fear of sounding like a complete geek, the colleges made me feel like I was in a Harry Potter movie. This dining hall below was even said to be the inspiration for the one in Harry Potter. Can’t you just imagine some floating candelabras?

Janey has started a knitting club called the Oxford Drunken Knitwits, who meet at local pubs and knit. We were lucky enough to join one and meet a few of her friends. One of her friends asked us how we liked Oxford and before we could answer she said “Oxford is so fu**ing twee, isn’t it?” (Imagine the British accent if you can). Greg and I agreed, though we had no idea what twee meant. But yes, Oxford is indeed very twee.

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candie - lovely pictures, Annie! i adore Oxford. I spent a semester studying there in college and fell in love with every bit of the city and history. i passed by the Bridge of Sighs everyday on the way to my college St. Edmunds Hall (Teddy Hall). magical memories!

annie - Thanks so much! Isn’t the whole city so quaint? We did love it…

Raya - What DOES twee mean? Lovely pictures. I can’t wait to see more. Xo

Raya - What DOES twee mean? Ive been wondering… Lovely pictures, can’t wait to see more. Xo

Twiggs - yay for twee cities!!! :) i have no idea what twee is, but i loved your pictures, such a charming place!! i really need to go on a trip through europe as well, i’m already here, it’s just a matter of saving and planning!

annie - Thanks Twiggs! Twee actually means “cute” I think, “quaint”… maybe “adorable”. You should plan a trip!

annie - Thanks ;) It means cute I think… like really really cute.

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