January is a time for many to reflect on the past year and of course to think ahead. What I really want to focus on this year is acceptance. Moods ebb and flow. Wonderful things happen and disappointing events happen. We get praise, we get criticism (and without the latter we never grow). When we give up the need for control a world of possibilities await us (thank you Eckhart Tolle).

My goal for the new year is to accept what is happening in the present moment, even if it is uncomfortable.  Resistance only makes the feeling worse.

Sometimes not feeling “enough” is all just part of the process—at least it is for me. It’s usually a short-lived mood, but I think it means that I have so many things I want to do with my career, with my personal life. I may temporarily feel like I don’t have these things yet– and feel down– but this is sort of my way of setting goals, of knowing what I really want. And these feelings pass and allow the sweet moments to feel that much sweeter. As a photographer, my skills are constantly being refined. This is all part of the beauty of being human. No one out there is perfect and perfection as a goal is simply unattainable. In fact, it is our flaws that make us relatable, unique, dimensional. If everything were perfect all of the time, how boring would that be?

Happy New Year.

[This photo was taken in Mr. Ainsley’s home town, St. Augustine FL over the holidays]




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charleystar - You’re such a beautiful person, Annie. Happy New Year! wishing you a beautiful year.

Jennifer Becker - Annie,
Right on!
Love this post and love you. So happy to have met you :)

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