In discovering my love for riding on the back of a motorcycle, I obviously needed to get equipped. I already had a couple of pairs of favorite boots that have come in quite handy, but I needed a good “riding” jacket (and a helmet of course).

In truth, I wanted to get a cute cropped moto jacket that is on trend now (that I could also wear with maxi dress for example) or even a vintage bomber style jacket. Mr. Ainsley quickly told me those would not work. He was right. On a motorcycle, it’s safety first– and in a jacket, we were looking for something with full coverage. As we traveled from vintage store to vintage store, he would nix any adorable jacket if it were thin, cropped, with a hood, too small, or didn’t zip up all the way.

We found this gem at Wasteland on Melrose, but similar ones can be found on Etsy.

Mr. Ainsley was kind enough to buy me a helmet for my birthday. What’s pretty hip in these parts are the more vintage-looking helmets, but I opted for a more full-coverage approach. While less visually appealing I admit, I wouldn’t want any portion of my cheek hitting the pavement in a bad scenario. Safety first!

The fringe.

Moto Jacket: Vintage 70′s from Wasteland

Jeans: Free People

Blouse: American Apparel

Boots: Fiorentini + Baker

Gloves: Vintage

Thank you Mr. Ainsley for taking these photos.


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