If I could sum up our Ireland trip in a few words: amazing scenery, comfort food, friendly people, and good craic (pronounced “crack” which is Irish for fun). We went for 12 days, staying entirely at places we found on Airbnb. We rented a car (kind of a must if you want to see the country) Be prepared that most cars are manual transmission, and they drive on the left side of the road. Oh, and there aren’t really street signs anywhere in Ireland. We had a great adventure with a road map and a compass, but for a more efficient trip, I’d spring for the satellite navigation. Our first night was in Cork, and from there, we drove to Killarney for one night. Our favorite parts of Killarney were attending an Irish football match and finding some traditional Irish music  and dancing until 3am.

From Killarney, we drove up to Dingle. These first few days were very warm (which is very unusual). It was a heatwave of sorts (probably 75 degrees F). When we finally found the sheep farm where we were staying, we were shocked by the beauty of where we were. The owners let us feed the baby lambs (with food from a Guinness bottle of course). We loved Dingle. We ate great food, heard great music and loved exploring the old pubs– Foxy John’s (which is also a hardware store) and Dick Mack’s, both which haven’t changed in the past century. 

More Ireland photos coming soon. And a thank you to Mr. Ainsley as well since some of these are his photos.

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Chris Harris - These are awesome, and I love the double denim shot of Greggie feeding the sheep. Killer.

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