For my first ever style post, I’ve decided to share with you my latest purchase for summer—my summer wetsuit by Cynthia Rowley for Roxy.

For some reason, these suits are called “spring suits”, though here in southern California, there is only about a month (maybe two) in the summer where the water is warm enough to wear it. But boy will I wear it this summer as much as I can! I love the colors, the lines and the fit of this wetsuit. Plus, the tan lines are much more acceptable than one with longer shorts or short sleeves.

I feel a bit nuts for posting photos of myself basically in a swimsuit (nightmare), but this wetsuit is one of my favorite pieces of the summer so it seemed fitting. I can already tell that these style posts will make me not only a better director in terms of my own photography, but also more able to relate with my being in front of the camera as well.

On surfing: I started surfing a few years ago, and it has definitely made an impact in my life. The ocean is intimidating and the whole process is quite humbling. Yet it is the best exercise for staying in the present moment and it really does “clear your head”. You can’t control it, you can’t manipulate it—you just have to be in it. It’s a true example of how you will not succeed if you over-think something and sometimes you have to try for things that are scary. Sometimes I just don’t look at the wave, I just paddle.

Though humbling, the whole experience of learning has been quite beautiful. I forget sometimes (or take for granted) how breathtaking southern California is—especially on a hazy morning with still water and the sun peeking through the clouds and the cliffs.  Though I wish our oceans were cleaner, nothing feels better and there is no better way to start the day.

wetsuit: Cynthia Rowley for Roxy (available on Shopbop too)

surfboard: 8.0 funboard named “candyland” from Action Water Sports

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nicole sutton - This wetsuit is fantastic!!!!!!!!! I really liked your musings on surfing – especially after my fist somewhat successful attempt this past weekend. Oh, and I wanna see more style posts!

Twiggs - oh this is quite amazing, i have surfed a few times, but only with classes. my boyfriend comes from a well-known fishing village in portugal where the best surfers in the world come to every year for a championship so this is something i like though i don’t do. i understand the feeling though, there’s nothing better than being on top of a board in the middle of the water. i think i like it just like that, to be there, feeling the ocean, the silence… it’s quite amazing! oh and your suit is also AMAZING!

Justina - hello adorable.

paige - look at that surfboard! oh and your wet suit is pretty cute too. xoxoxo

Sarah - That suit is a work of art! Those hazy Pacific horizons are making me homesick.

Jos - The suits looks amazing! I’m thinking about buying it, but don’t know what size to choose. Are the sizes normal, big or small?

annie - Hi Jos, Sizing on these wetsuits are a little different. I am normally a size 4, small / medium, and I’m in a size 8 for this wetsuit. If you’re between sizes, I’d go with the smaller size. Hope that helps!

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