Since the weather here in LA has been so nice this past weekend (which felt like a vacation), I thought it may be nice to revisit our Croatia trip from last fall. From Rovinj, we took a long winding bus down the dalmatian coast to Zadar. From there, we took many day trips, one of which was to an island called Pag. I had read that this was a bit of a party island during the spring and summer. While we didn’t run into any giant raves or world class dj’s, we did find it to be like traveling to Mars.

There is no vegetation really and some say this is due to the high winds during certain times of the year. The island is known for it’s salt, its Paški Sir cheese (salty sheep’s milk cheese) and beautifully intricate lace (a small round a couple of inches in diameter can go for $100).

As always, each day ended up with a dip in the salty Adriatic.

What do you think? Does this form of desolation also have it’s own beauty? I believe it does. If anything, I had never seen anything like it.

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Kris Koeller - Beautiful photos. Looks like a lovely trip.

DansLeDetails - Your photography is absolutely stunning and greatly captivating. I love the way you take closeups of certain certain individuals and scenes by focusing on one aspect and blurring the subject of another! Lovely Blog

annie - It was! Thanks so much for reading.

annie - Thank you so much for the kind words and for reading :)

Mario Mono - While the main attraction of the Pag island is Zrce beach, there are lots of little hidden coves and beaches, that are truly worth visiting. Some of the roads to the beaches might not be on the maP, but just take the first turn off the main road and you will be surprised by what you see.

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